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Demon Latex Appliance

Price: $49.98
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Item Number: 0425-0607
Demon Latex Appliance

Professional grade foam latex prosthetic.
Only the unpainted appliance is included.


* Choking Hazard, keep away from children
* Not for children under the age of 13
* Contains latex

Your appliance can be worn 4 times or more if careful use, removal and storage are exercised.

This mask is designed to be adhered or glued to your face. This creates the unique effect of moving with your expressions and giving the illusion that you have become your character.

Things you will need:

- Cosmetic grade adhesive: Spirit Gum, Pros Aid, Latex Adhesive, Prosthetic Adhesive etc. To glue piece on

- Adhesive remover: remover specific to your chosen adhesive, removers are not universal.

- Makeup: 2 or more colors suggested to give color to your character. Please, use a grease make-up or seal prosthetic with castor sealer before applying make-up.

- Makeup Remover: remover specific to your chosen makeup, removers are not universal.

- Adhesive and Makeup applicators: foam sponges, makeup brushes, cotton swabs etc. Product may differ from image shown.

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