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Deluxe Easy Magic Set 1

Price: $23.98
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This deluxe set offers 8 quality magic tricks for the beginners. The set includes Svengali Deck (a magic word brings a spectator's selection to the top of a deck, then all the cards change to the chosen card), Cups & Balls (balls magically vanish, appear and multiply under three cups, then a surprise finish), Rope Trio (magically changes ropes of three different lengths to all the same length), Escape Rings (2 rings are tied to a magic wand with rope - they escape in a magical way), Fortune Cards (a spectator concentrates on one piece of fruit from many on several cards - the magician is able to reveal the person's thoughts), Money Paddle (coins appear and vanish from both sides of this paddle, Ball Vase (a ball magically vanishes and appears in a vase), Rings & Coins (a coin vanishes using two rings and a card). Also Includes instructions. For Ages 6+.

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Item Number: 0500-0614

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