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Lucius FX Fangs

Price: $39.98
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Prince of the vampires, Lucius takes his victims quickly, draining their bodies of life-giving blood before they hit the floor. Lucius loves blood. Lots of blood. And head cheese on rare occasion. We get the blood, but the head cheese? Now that's disgusting.

FX Fangs are fake teeth veneer style special effect costume teeth that cover only the front of your teeth. FX Fangs are made using the highest quality dental materials and designed to be ultra-realistic. Absolutely the best vampire fangs for Halloween or any occasion!

We provide you with a high-quality low-melt thermoplastic which softens in hot water and anchors the veneer shell teeth in your mouth. The fitting process takes maybe 20-30 minutes and only needs to be completed once to obtain a fit that will last all season.

Each set comes with enough fitting plastic for a complete fit and photographic instructions.

Product may vary from picture.
Item Number: 0426-0048

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